Your chief instructor is Jim Nixon, a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain (for 30+ years) and certified US Sailing and US Powerboating Instructor. He's been on the water since his family's first boat when he was in high school and has boated on the east and west coasts and a variety of locations around the world. His career includes 24 years in the US Naval Reserve, retiring as a Captain. He's been helping people expand their enjoyment of the water for over 30 years and has even lead his two sons to become excellent sailors in their own right. His wife though had to become a good sailor on her own. No man can teach his wife anything!

Capt. Jim will teach you sailing both in the classroom and onboard the boats to insure that your individual learning needs are met. The School's format of instruction, developed over more than twenty years of teaching students the joys of sailing, guides you in fully developing your sailing skills.

Oriental's School of Sailing is the oldest continuously operating sailing school in North Carolina!

Captain Jim Nixon